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Basic Elements of Lean Manufacturing

Elimination of Waste: Waste is defined as anything that consumes material or labor and that does not add value to the final end customer.

Equipment Reliability: Equipment that runs when production requires it to run

Process Capability: Processes which always make good parts.

Continuous Flow:

  • Material flows one part at a time vs. mass production using big batches.
  • Less inventory required throughout the production process, raw material, WIP, and finished goods.
  • Reduces defects
  • Reduces lead time. Speeds up order to delivery time.

Process Capability speeds up order to delivery.

Error Proofing: Ways to prevent the product from being built incorrectly.

Stop the Line Quality System: The production line is stopped when bad quality is being produced.

Kanban System: Kanban is a pull material system. The material is pulled through the production process by customer demand. Kanban uses cards to move material along the value stream.

Standard Work: Standard Work is a system of organizing work steps and documenting them. The team leader prepares the Standard Work.

Visual Management: When a plant utilizes Visual Management fully, a new employee can understand how to do his job from the visual information in the plant.

In Station Process Control: Each workstation has the information and equipment for the worker to inspect and produce good quality parts.

Level Production: Production is leveled to customer demand.

Takt Time: Production is paced to customer demand. Takt Time = Time available to produce a product divided by the number of parts that the customer wants to buy.

Quick Changeover: A system to change over from one product to another quickly.

lean manufacturing

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