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Kaizen Event


lean_seminarWhat is a Kaizen? Kaizen is a two-syllable word. Kai means “change” and Zen means “for the better”. A “change for the better” is translated further to capture the idea of endless continual improvement;. To the Japanese, a kaizen is a small suggestion that is carried out by the team members to make the workplace better.

A Kaizen event is a rapid improvement activity that last one week. The week’s activities are:


- Four hour Lean Overview Training held in the conference room at the plant.
- Lunch in the conference room ( Monday-Friday )
- A waste observation walk in the area to be improved
- Set goals for the week
- Begin improvement activities


- Additional training for teams
- Planning and implementing suggested improvements


- Implementing improvements on the plant floor


- Finish implementation on the plant floor
- Begin documentation of improvements and qualify results


- Kaizen Participants rehearse report out of Kaizen accomplishments
- Kaizen participants report accomplishments to management team

A Kaizen Event is a way to gain knowledge of Lean Manufacturing(Lean Manufacturers) while rapidly improving an area of your plant. Kaizen Events substantially impact the bottom line.

If you are interested in talking to a representative about scheduling a Kaizen Event, please indicate this on the order form.

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