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Lean Manufacturing Implementation LEAN MANUFACTURING IMPLEMENTATIONlean-manufacturing-implementationlean manufacturing process

Lean Implementation Outline

Map the Value Chain

  • Current State Map
    • Map the material and information flow in the Model Area.
  • Future State Map
    • Develop a map for the Model Area with continuous flow, pull systems and waste eliminated.
  • Set goals for the implementation project
  • Develop an implementation plan
  • Steering committee
    • Review the goals: Current State and Future State Maps, and the implementation plan with the steering committee.
    • Obtain the steering commitee’s approval to proceed.

Model Area Implementation Approach

  • Stability
  • Equipment reliability
  • Process capability
  • Continuous flow
  • Synchronized production
  • Pull system
  • Level production

Current State Map of the Model Area

  1. Collect current state information while walking the actual material and information flows.
  2. Begin with a quick walk along the entire Model Area value stream to get a sense of the flow and sequence of processes.
  3. Start at shipping for material flow and work upstream. Start at order entry for information flow.

Collect Data at each process

Understand the complete flow is what value stream mapping is about.
Compare value added time to total lead time.

Develop the Future State Map

  • Determine Takt Time.
  • Use continuous flow processing.
  • Select the pacemaker production process.
  • Will we need to introduce supermarket pull systems in order to control production of upstream processes?
  • Will we build a finished goods supermarket from which the customer pulls, or build directly to customer order?
  • How will we level the production mix at the pacemaker process?
  • What process improvements will be necessary for the value stream to flow as the Future State design specifies?

Set Goals

  • From the gap between the Current State Map and Future State Map, estimate savings and set goals for the Lean Manufacturing implementation project.
    • Lead time reduction
    • Inventory reduction
    • Productivity improvement
    • Floor space savings
    • Quality improvement

Implementation Plan

  • From the gap between the current State Map and Future State Map, develop a Lean Manufacturing implementation plan.

Steering Committee

  • Review the goals, Current State and Future State Maps, and the implementation plan with the steering committee.
  • Obtain the steering committees approval to proceed.
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