Lean Manufacturing is the generic term for the Toyota Production System. This kind of manufacturing system is what makes Toyota the best and most competitive company around the globe. It gives their business lower cost, better quality and better delivery to achieve superb customer satisfaction. Because of this competitive advantage, companies around the world not just automotive copy this style of manufacturing system to gain business advantage. In order to successfully implement a Lean System it is important to follow the correct sequence at the correct timing to avoid major problems.


Lean Masters Consulting Group uses The Toyota 5 Phase Lean Implementation Approach in a model area. We implement Lean in a model area because it is not practical to implement Lean everywhere simultaneously. The model area is an instrument for the company and its workers to further learn Lean and study how it works. We start the implementation process with our 5 Phase Lean Approach as follows:


Continuous Flow

Synchronized Production

Pull Systems

Level Production

Lean Masters has great success in implementing Lean in companies across the globe through the use of The 5 Phase Lean Implementation Approach. To achieve the full benefit of implementing Lean it is crucial to get the help of one our Lean Experts to assist and guide you and your company to successfully implement the Toyota Production System.


Lean Masters partners with you in custom designing a Lean Production System that fits your business.