Continuous Flow should only be implemented after Stability is achieved. Installing Continuous Flow in the manufacturing operation improves productivity, increases process flexibility, and reduces defects, production lead time, WIP inventory and Finished Goods Inventory to name a few benefits. To achieve this, first step is to layout the production process for continuous flow where it allows the product to flow through the production process and eliminate wasteful steps. Implement 5S or Work Place Organization and install visual Management to show abnormalities in the workplace. We then introduce Standard Work to document the best practices known and train workers to use the same best practices known to avoid inconsistencies in the procedures used. Implementing Key Performance Indicator boards is a vital tool to sustain improvements and continuously get better.

Lean Masters helps our clients custom design a Lean System that fits their business. We rapidly deploy the abovementioned Lean Tools and Principles at the right time and speed to achieve cost reduction to impact the bottom line by selection of Team Leaders and training them as well as managers and supervisors in their new Lean Roles and Responsibilities to help them transition to Lean and what to expect during the transition. With the help of our Lean Experts that has real hands on manufacturing experience we will help and guide you through the process to make the conversion easier and successful.