Stability is the first step in the implementation approach. It is a Toyota Principle where you bring your process variability under control. Once stability is achieved it brings flexibility to production changes. It is very important in an ever changing and ever competitive industry today to align your capability to produce based on what the customer wants.

Lean Masters helps its clients adapt to changes in customer demands and business needs by making their production process reliable and capable of producing quality products. We use Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) as a tool to maintain equipment and make it available when production needs it to run and make good quality products at the correct run rate.

With this Stability technique applied, production becomes flexible and more adaptable to changes in customer demands. Once Stability is implemented and attained in the model area the organization then we can move on to the next step in the 5 Phase Lean Implementation Approach which will lead us in impacting the bottom line results and strengthens the company’s competitive advantage.