After Stability and Continuous Flow are achieved then you can begin synchronizing the production. Synchronizing the production to the pull of the customer is a vital role in Lean Manufacturing. You should synchronize production scheduling to the customer demand, releasing orders to the shop in small quantities or about 2 hours of production. Where Continuous Flow is not practical, example punch press operations or injection molding, implement a Kanban System to pull material from batch operation to the continuous flow operations. Kanban will cascade the customer demand to the batch operations. You only need to schedule the continuous flow operation since Kanban will schedule the batch operations.

Lean Masters will train the workers and managers with the necessary Lean Tools to help them sustain the improvements made. We work with them in the classroom and help them implement the improvements on the shop floor guiding them through the entire process. We help them understand the importance of implementing Lean as well as sustaining the developments made.