Lean Masters Consulting Group, Inc. is an international consulting company that specializes in working with companies to enable them to successfully design and implement Lean Manufacturing or the Toyota Production System (TPS). This group of experts has extensive manufacturing process knowledge with real hands on experience working with the Toyota Production System. All of the lean consultants are fully experienced in working with union and non-union plants.

Jim Thomas, President and founder of Lean Masters Consulting Group, Inc. has an extensive background in successfully converting and managing Lean Manufacturing plants. He has formal Toyota Production System or TPS training in the US and Japan. Jim was trained under the founders of the Toyota Production System by Yoshiki Iwata, Chihiro Nakao, Akira Takenaka and Ishikawa that helped Taiichi Ohno develop the Toyota Production System. When Toyota first came to Kentucky, Jim was the first employee of a joint venture company with Toyota and Johnson Controls and was trained by the Toyota members including Ishikawa. He had extensive training with Shingijutsu Co. Ltd. in the US and Japan. Lean Masters’ President, Jim Thomas is a member of Shriners International Lexington Hospital Board of Governors.


Jim Thomas also worked with Ford Leaders to design and implement the Ford Production System. He led a group of consultants to implement Lean Manufacturing at the Ford Motor Co. plants throughout the world that is still being used today. He also led a group of consultants who worked with Chrysler to design a lean production system for their plants. He also worked with the team that design and implemented the Danaher Production System.


Jim stays personally involved doing the strategic Lean Manufacturing implementation planning for our clients, and advises top leaders of their roles and responsibilities regarding Lean Manufacturing.


Implementing Lean Manufacturing begins with the commitment by top managers and then progresses through education and training of all employees.