The success of implementing Lean in a company is influenced greatly by its people. The same people that will run the company using the new Lean System will dictate the progress of the project with the help of our Lean expertise. It is important to consider the people as the main asset of the company.

Lean Masters help clients ‘make people to make products’. We do this through the following:

  • Select People with the right skills
  • Train People in Lean Management
  • Reap rewards through a stronger company that leads to job security

With Lean Masters’ real hands on experience in the business, of being in the client’s shoes in the past, we train our clients and its people in their Lean Roles and Responsibilities and help them understand what to expect during the transition and thereafter.  We take everything into consideration from making the products to making the customers happy during implementing Lean and making changes.

Lean Masters and its experts have all worked in the manufacturing sector from mass production to transitioning to a Lean Style factory and have done it successfully. We understand fully the correct training of the shop floor workers to the top management in their new Lean Roles and Responsibilities. We guide them through the process and help them adjust to the tasks at hand.

Lean Masters works hand in hand with the client to achieve the following:

  • Develop clarity in vision. We help people across the organization align their goals and objectives to the company and the leadership team.
  • Develop customer orientation. We teach workers to consider the next person to which the job is handed as their customer within the organization.
  • Promote involvement of everybody. We train people to work as a team. To address customer orientation we tap into people’s creativity and emphasize customer satisfaction by improving their roles and responsibilities.
  • Increase problem solving capability. With their roles and responsibilities improved, in order for the organization to be more responsive to customer demand, each individual’s problem-solving skill base needs to be upgraded.
  • Provide adequate leadership. Instead of “managing” the situation, managers will exercise leadership qualities. More and more of the traditional managing function will be taken care of by people’s increased self-managing capabilities using Standard Work.
  • Clarify the management support system. The management process needs to be redefined and clarified to accommodate the new thinking and values as well as individuals’ new roles and responsibilities.
  • Continuous improvement. We help clients sustain the improvements made and teach them how to continuously get better in the future.