With the highly competitive market today, companies are not just reducing their cost to offer customers competitive prices but also improving quality as a means to compete. Customers expect lower cost, better quality and better delivery from companies. Lean implementation can greatly impact and improve quality, delivery, lower cost and many other benefits for these factors are imbedded in the Lean Manufacturing System.

Lean Masters assists our clients in improving their product quality by preventing errors and problems from occurring that will impact quality. We begin by looking for the source of defects, not just the defects themselves, and for opportunities to eliminate them at their source. We do this by putting in place a Quality at the Source mindset through the entire organization.

We educate a culture of Zero Defects within our clients industry. We provide sufficient training to never pass a defective product downstream leading to better quality, less rework and lower cost. We achieve improved quality through the use of Standard Work in the workplace and use of quality audits on a regular basis to assure that Quality at the Source is working correctly. These audits provide feedbacks to the person being audited and to management as a tool for continuous improvement.