Quick Changeover or Setup Reduction is one of the key tools Toyota uses to reduce waste. The ability to changeover quickly allows your company to reduce the production batch size without losing any production capacity. This allows you to reduce your Work-In-Process (WIP) and Finished Goods Inventory by 80% while reducing order entry to shipping time from weeks to days. The reduced inventory from quick changeover will allow you to free up as much as 50% of the floor space and the associated cash in your factory to be used for new business.

Lean Masters can help you rapidly achieve these results. With our diverse experience working with various types of industries from small to large we have   success  reducing changeover times to 9 minutes or less from last good part of the current product to the first good part of the new product. This Quick Changeover can be achieved in 1 week with little or no capital investment. We do Quick Changeover without sacrificing safety or quality.