Problems left unattended can cause devastating effects in a company. Finding the root cause of the problem is a crucial undertaking Toyota applies to its organization. Through this a company detects the real source of the problem and stops it before it gets worst and spreads to other areas of the organization.


Lean Masters uses a Practical Problem Solving (PPS) process to find the root cause of the problem and applies a permanent countermeasure to stop it. With our Root Cause Problem Solving Training we help our clients through a series of steps to identify the problem, determine the root cause of the problem, generate permanent countermeasures to stop the problem from reoccurring, and implement follow up measures to check progress. It’s not enough to just know the problem but knowing what you do with the problem to continuously improve or get better is the key to success.


With Lean Masters expertise in designing and implementing a Lean Production system that fits your business we deal with a lot of problems in different types of companies. We have a vast knowledge in Problem Solving Techniques and empowering workers to see problems as opportunities to improve, helping them recognize those abnormalities and training and teaching them to permanently apply a countermeasure/solution to stop it from happening again. We then coach them to apply the PDCA Cycle to evaluate the success of the process.