Standard Work is an important tool Toyota uses to continuously improve their operation. It is a tool to document the best combination of worker and machine to achieve output with minimum labor, space, inventory and equipment. Standard Work reduces variations in the process and opportunities for error.


Lean Masters utilizes Standard Work to capture the Best, Safest, and Easiest method known to the organization and uses it as baseline data for continuous improvement. We help our clients use Standard Work as a tool to identify waste. Lean Masters uses a unique Standard Work sheet to clearly illustrate the relationship between Takt Time, Cycle Time, Work Sequence, and Standard Work-in-Process. We also incorporate Quality at the Source in the Standard Work where workers check the material coming to them and check their work before passing it to the next process to achieve Zero Defects.


Standard Work can then be used as a training document which will allow for flexible staffing; it can also be used for quicker problem solving; and most of all Standard Work is use to reduce waste which will lower cost.