Team Leaders and Work Teams are key concepts in the Toyota Production System. Team Leaders guide, direct, and provide leadership for the team with its purpose of achieving their goals and objectives that’s directly aligned with the company’s goals and objectives. The Work Teams in turn helps the team leader achieve those goals and objectives by working as a group and hand in hand in solving problems, reducing wastes, improving productivity, quality and continuously get better.


Lean Masters helps our clients select and train Team Leaders and Work Teams Members. We train them in their new Lean Roles and Responsibilities to equip them with the knowledge and skills to run their teams effectively during Team Meetings. We help the Team Leaders develop the Standard Work for their teams. We help them select and track Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for their teams. We train them on how to conduct Problem Solving Team Meetings. We train them in problem identification and Problem Solving Techniques; finding the root cause of the problem and implementing a permanent countermeasure.