The key to rapid implementation of Lean Manufacturing is to accelerate the learning curve by engaging a Lean Manufacturing expert to assist you.


In converting to Lean Manufacturing, it’s not only important to do the right thing, but do it at the right time and in the proper proportion. A mistake in converting your operation to lean can be devastating to you and your business. It is very important to have the knowledge of a lean expert to help you make a smooth and speedy transition to Lean Manufacturing. Beware of those who only speak the language or speak the buzzwords, but have not walked in your shoes in a lean transition and know the pitfalls as well as the benefits. Lean Masters has assembled a team of lean experts that have been there and done it successfully. People with these skills are truly rare today.


The most costly thing that you can do in manufacturing is to continue to use mass production departmentalized batch and queue methods. Lean Masters will help you custom design and implement a Lean System that will produce major bottom line results quickly.


After working in mass production for 20 years, it was difficult for me to believe the benefits of Lean Manufacturing. But after starting up two joint ventures one with a Toyota family company and an American company, and one with Nissan family and an American company, and managing four operations through the conversion to lean, I found the astonishing benefits to be true. We reduced inventory 90%, improved productivity 45%, reduced lead-time from months to days and improve quality by 90% with almost no capital investment. The best way to see this in your operation is to install lean in a model area and measure the benefits for yourself. This can be done within a few weeks with the assistance of one of our lean experts.


I would welcome the opportunity to visit with you and assess the opportunities to improve in your operations. This visit and assessment will be at no cost to you.


Jim Thomas